Norm's Installer

These programs allow an .exe file to install a set of files. The Installxxx.exe program created by the MakeInstallxxxEXE.bat file contains an small .exe program(Installer28K.exe) and a jar file. The Installer28K program will extract the jar file from the Installxxx.exe file and issue a JVIEW command using the jar file contents to start the install process.

Installer Files

The following files are part of the Installer package:

 The properties file

The file contains control statements for the install. These properties can be used to extract a file from the jar file and copy it to another folder, ask a question to the user and to display a message at the end of the job.

Here are templates for the controls. The <i> value should be replaced with integers 1 to n .

 extract.file<i>.name=filename to be extracted
 extract.file<i>.to=target directory to extract to. Default is current.
 extract.dir<i>.name=we're to get all files from this directory
 extract.dir<1>.to=target directory for above. Default is current.
 copy.file<i>.name=filename to be copied
 copy.file<i>.to=target directory for copy
 askques<i>.text=text of question
 endjob.message=text of message to display at end of install

An example to extract all files in the NormsTools/ directory to the C:\Work\ directory and to copy 2 files to the current directory. We'll ask if it's ok and give a message at the end:

 askques1.text=Do you want to copy files to C:\\Work\\?
 askques1.reponse=Yes, copy them;No, quit now!
 endjob.message=Files were copied to C:\\Work\\

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Last Modified 28 January 2001