Norm's HTTP Server+++ Ver 0.1 alpha

(A learning tool)

This server is raw and poorly written code, but very useful (when it's working) for testing WWW programs such as CGI, servlets etc. I hope it's not too difficult to get to work on your computer.

Its comes from may sources. It started from the basic "HTTP Server" presented in "The Complete Reference JAVA" by Patrick Naughton and Herbert Schildt. I originally typed it in (I didn't know I could download it then). It's been added to many, many times as I found features I wanted to try out. The rmibook code comes from "Java RMI: Remote Method Invocation" by Tony Bryan Downing. Other bits of code for the servlets are from the Sun JSDK2.0 package and "The Java Tutorial Continued" by Walrath, Huml and team. I took their interfaces and added code to them as I needed to make the Tutorial examples work. There are a lot of holes in my server servlet code.


System requirements

I'm running on Windows98 with 96M and a 300MHz cpu. I've configured the server to run from D:\www. I think it can be changed. See the HTTPServer.ini file.

The server runs from a batch file: HTTPFromJar.bat. Be sure to modify it to point to the jar file location.

Other products needed


There are two files to download:
A jar that contains all the class files. 127K
A sample properties file that needs to be configured for your system.
You'll also need the Servlets jar. 123K
A zip that contains the rest of the source and other files. 340K


Change disk drive references in the HTTPFromJar.bat and HTTPServer.ini files. Create directories.

My directory configuration:

   |                         |                               |
 Java                  JavaDevelopment                      www (server's root)		
   |                          |                              |
  -----------         -----------------------------         --------
  |         |         |          |        |       |         |  |   |
 jdk1.4.2  cgi-bin  HTTPServer Servlets NormsDev NormsTools
                     |  |  |  |

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Last updated 21 June 2008