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SlideShow. There are slides from five of our trips.

If you'd like to create your own slideshow there is a download you can use.

This land is about 30 miles south of Springfield, Mo. It's located above the James River valley in a very rural district.

Learning MorseCode

I have two versions of an applet to help you learn Morse Code:
This one requires Sun's Java Plugin. I think it has better sound.

The second one doesn't need the plugin but has extra clicks when sounding the code.

There is some interference between the two that if you use one, the other won't make a sound?

Here's another Morse Code program that Paula found via Yahoo. I used it to get the audio files for my first version and the audio driver for my second version.


Cruiser's Route and Waypoints tool and lists

This applet contains many waypoints for a lot of popular routes. It allows you to create your own routes and get the course and distances, somewhat like a GPS device. However it only give True directions. You can also enter your own waypoints into its database.


I've written a Java program that will communicate with several Garmin GPS models. It will read and write waypoints between the GPS and your computer.


John Brand of Pinniped has entered a heap of waypoints for the South Pacific. Here you'll find list after list of waypoints.

These waypoints can be Cut&Pasted from John's list into the applet described above using the applet's Import function.


Here's a handy calculator to figure how long your money will last. IRA Calculator


Java Programming

For Java programmers and developers, here's a HTTP Server for playing with. I found it to be a very useful tool for learning about servers and browsers.

Also for Java programmers here are various tools I've developed for the Java programmer.


If you'd like to create your own slide show, you can download either of these files that contain the components for building a slideshow. There are two formats for the download files:
An .exe file that is a self-installing program I wrote. It works on Win9X but I don't know about other Windows systems.
A zip file that can be installed using the WinZip program.
You can read the documentation for the SlideShow program. It's included in the download files.

     If you have any comments or good advice, email me at: radder@hotmail.com.    

Last modified 13 Nov 2001